What will I need to do to prepare for the migration?

The District will begin the migration process in December 2019 by changing all staff accounts to accounts. Each staff member should check any third-party applications that they may login to with their accounts after the change and request assistance from IT as needed.

In January 2020 and February 2020, all staff should attend a face-to-face training session or use the online training materials to prepare for the change. Staff should begin to use their existing G Suite account and become familiar with the interface.

In February 2020, all staff should complete the survey identifying the location of their GroupWise archive. All data in an accessible archive location and less than seven years old will be migrated to G Suite.

On March 13th, any staff with G Suite rules forwarding G Suite to GroupWise should turn off those rules.

After March 16th, any staff who had GroupWise rules should recreate those rules in G Suite (GroupWise rules will not migrate to G Suite).

After March 16th, any staff who have data that did not successfully migrate should report the issue via IT Service Desk ticket submission. All staff may continue to access GroupWise for any archive needs. Email and calendar appointments should no longer be created in GroupWise.


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